Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meet the Drawing Board

The Drawing Board art collective consists of a group of designers pursuing their passion for illustration after hours. Sure, they love their day jobs as graphic designers, but they've also had a love for art in other forms since childhood – animation, painting, comics and more. Come see what is created once they've clocked out!

Graphic Designer @ Gremillion & Pou

When he created his first comic strip at the age of 11-years-old, Brad embarked on his career as a part-time cartoonist and unwittingly unleashed a life-long obsession with the art of illustration. Currently, Brad is pursuing web publishing and nationally syndicating his latest comic strip creation, Roofus, which has been published in 20 Louisiana newspapers. He feels at home in his Bossier City abode which houses an unhealthy collection of toys and DVDs.  

Creative Director @ Blue Atlas Marketing

Travis has been drawing all his life and had to basically teach himself to draw, as there was no art program in his small-town Oklahoma school. That is largely what led to the choice of graphic design as his career.
Finding time to create art is a tough task lately though, as his family of 3 becomes a family of four, but when time allows Travis still likes to sketch in his sketchbook, bust out a painting, or draw the occasional comic book.   

Associate Director for Digital Media
Centenary College of LA •

Jeremy’s love of a bold and colorful palette is evident in both his design and illustration work. He has worked in the advertising and web business since graduating from LSUS in 2002 and continues to pursue a creative career in art and writing. The Toomasooba series is fueled by Saturday morning cartoons, late-night sitcom re-runs, science fiction, comics, minimalism. rock n' roll and coffee...lots and lots
of coffee.

Graphic Artist @ Welborn Design and 
Running Dog Sportswear •

Jeff is a hometown boy born and raised in Shreveport, La. His love of storytelling has always been prevalent in his fondness for comic books and animation. His work has been published in several Independent comic books and he has also contributed work for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics. He has also contributed artwork for several children's book pitches. Among other design work he has designed a toy line and a local city bus. His love of monsters and roller coasters knows no bounds. 
He lives in Shreveport with his wife, son, and 2 lazy cats.